Money Slavery

Hot financial dominatrixes rip you off

Lady Krasaviza wanted her car note paid and she made sure that this horny guy did it. He was trying to catch her attention so that he could fuck her but he got her attention alright and instead of fucking her, he found himself paying her car note. He did not see it coming as she is a pro and she controlled him before making him do what she wanted.

Mistress Dana wanted to dominate her man and she did it with her teasing and denying prowess. She did not let him know that she was pissed or anything. He assumed that everything was ok between them but it was now. He only realized something was amiss when she turned on him and she forced him to shower her with money. She did not care where he got the money from.

Princess Isabella had borrowed some money and the money was due. She had to pay it all but she did not want to get money out of her pocket to pay for it. Instead, she wanted to use this guy's money to pay it. So the mistress teased him and with her big tits and her sexy body, she found it easy to turn the guy into a money slave.

Lady Stefanie needed to motivate this guy to do bigger and greater things as she had noticed that he had started stagnating. The mistress felt that the best way to do so was to tease and humiliate him. She teased and denied him for fun and it was awesome for her but not for him. It got to him and since he did not want to disappoint her, he worked hard to please her.

Mistress CatDeluxe needed money and one of the ways for her to make it was to get herself a money slave. So she went out and with her charming self and with her hot and sexy body, she got one. She had a great time turning him into her human atm. She was not in a hurry as she wanted to make it a piece of art in the way she did it.

This guy was a notorious eavesdropper and for that, he attracted the ire of these mistresses. Mistress Van Licks led the mistresses in punishing him since he had refused to change his behavior when they confronted him and asked him to stop that nonsense. The mistresses trampled him and turned him into a money slave and he had to pay them for all the times he had eavesdropped on them.

Princess Kitty was so bored that she did not even know what to do. But she decided that the best thing to do in the circumstances was to humiliate this loser, which she did. He was her money slave and she did not care what he felt or what he was going through. She was not even after money. She was out to humiliate him for fun and to pass time.

Lady Ayse faithfully paid her rent and she knew that she could easily get it from her landlord. She did so by teasing him and turning him into a money slave. He was turned on by her and since she was hot and naughty, he could not resist her and that is how she gave him money but she got it back from him and then more. In essence, she was living rent free.

Mistress Harley is on the top of her game in money slavery and she is not about to relinquish her post any time soon. The secret to her success is in never being complacent. She always tries new ways because she wants to keep things fresh always. Today she was trying out a new money slavery technique which she wanted to try later in the day on her new slave.

Mistress Saida noticed that her friend was always broke and lived from paycheck to paycheck. So she decided to help out and she did so by giving her advice on how she could make more money for herself. This involved her using her feminine qualities to make more money. The mistress schooled her friend in money slavery and her friend learned how she could make some extra money to supplement her income.

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