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Mistress CatDeluxe needed money and one of the ways for her to make it was to get herself a money slave. So she went out and with her charming self and with her hot and sexy body, she got one. She had a great time turning him into her human atm. She was not in a hurry as she wanted to make it a piece of art in the way she did it.

Princess Kitty was so bored that she did not even know what to do. But she decided that the best thing to do in the circumstances was to humiliate this loser, which she did. He was her money slave and she did not care what he felt or what he was going through. She was not even after money. She was out to humiliate him for fun and to pass time.

Lady Ayse faithfully paid her rent and she knew that she could easily get it from her landlord. She did so by teasing him and turning him into a money slave. He was turned on by her and since she was hot and naughty, he could not resist her and that is how she gave him money but she got it back from him and then more. In essence, she was living rent free.

Princess Isabella needed to dominate as well as humiliate this guy and she did it with her money slavery fetish. The mistress did not want to tolerate any broke guy and that is why she did not go easy on him. He had to learn how to make money and to share some of it with her if he wanted to be in her good books. That is why she humiliated him.

Lady Naomi is hot. She is also outgoing and adventurous. She was interesting in a new way of making money so she tried money slavery. Given that she is hot, she felt that it would not be too hard for her to do it and be good at it. That is why the mistress chose to play around and mess with her money slaves for her to easily make them her human credit cards.

Lady Stefanie Stefanie was hit on incessantly by her married neighbor. He wanted to fuck her and because she was single, she was tempted but she did not see what she stood to gain as she knew people who were better sexually than him. She realized that she could turn him into a cash dispenser and so she went about turning him into a paypig and from then on, she agreed to the thrill of an affair with her paypig.

Mistress Anfisa felt that she had to come up with a way to make more money from her paypigs and she knew that she had to come up with new tricks. So she did her research and she implemented some of the things she had learned. It did not take her long to get it right and she saw a jump in the kind of money she got from her paypigs.

Mistress Jenny laughed at her friends when they thought that it was easy to have a money slave and to dominate him financially. It was not so and she told them how she nurtured her findom slave and made him a reliable human atm. But she was also careful not to go overboard. Mistress Jenny looked out for his best interests because they were intricately tied to her best interests.

Mistress Emily loves to make money from money slavery. She is blessed with a body that is to die for and she maintains it well. She loves to enhance her flirtation and naughty skills because they are as important as being sexy. She had learned a new technique and she was practicing it today so that once she was good at it, she could use it on her new pay slaves.

Mistress SophieKnight knew that her pay slave was watching her and that is why she had to do some naughty things. She did not undress completely but she masturbated and played with her pussy and her ass knowing he was watching and he would be turned on. She loved the idea of making him hot and bothered. She knew he would not ask her for sex and he would have to jerk off.

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