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Princess Isabella had borrowed some money and the money was due. She had to pay it all but she did not want to get money out of her pocket to pay for it. Instead, she wanted to use this guy's money to pay it. So the mistress teased him and with her big tits and her sexy body, she found it easy to turn the guy into a money slave.

Mistress CatDeluxe needed money and one of the ways for her to make it was to get herself a money slave. So she went out and with her charming self and with her hot and sexy body, she got one. She had a great time turning him into her human atm. She was not in a hurry as she wanted to make it a piece of art in the way she did it.

Mistress Harley is on the top of her game in money slavery and she is not about to relinquish her post any time soon. The secret to her success is in never being complacent. She always tries new ways because she wants to keep things fresh always. Today she was trying out a new money slavery technique which she wanted to try later in the day on her new slave.

Mistress Morrigan wanted to attend a concert but the tickets were very expensive. She did not want to miss out but she did not want to pay for it herself. So she turned to money slavery and she had fun dominating this guy financially using her big tits. He loved what he saw and that is how the mistress got the tickets and some money to spend at the concert.

Goddess Nika was resting after she had made some good money from her money slavery fetish. When her friend came to check on her, she flaunted the money she had made and had fun telling her friend how she had managed to make some good money from the guy. It was a lot of fun for her and she made her friend jealous as she did not have a cash slave.

This guy was too proud for lady Krasaviza. She felt that the only way she was going to tolerate him was to use him as her money slave. The mistress chose to use her sexy feminine touch to turn him into a cash slave and he did not know that that was what she was doing. But she did it and it was very effective. He was one of those she did not explicitly tell that he was a money slave but he was.

Madame Svea has a huge appetite for money. She wanted some from this money slave but he tried to pretend that he did not have it. He did not know that she could tell he had money. So the mistress teased him a little to get him to loosen up before she used her charming skills to get the money from his wallet to her handbag. He did not know how it happened.

This mistress had a lot of financial goals but she could not meet all of them using her job. She had to get side income and she decided to exploit something she had with her. That was her bubble butt which men loved and adored. She used it to tease guys and to turn them into her money slaves. They could not resist her and she loved it and got the second income she had always wanted.

Mistress Dana knew this money slave had potential. So she invested in him by encouraging him and advising him on his career and his job. She also gave him a listening ear and once in a while gave him jerk off instructions. It was now time to reap and she reaped big time as she got a huge amount of money from him when he got a fat bonus at work.

Mistress Saida had debts and her cash flow was not good. She did not want to renegotiate her debts so she had to come up with a way to settle them once and for all. That is why she chose to use money slavery to do it. The mistress loved how she used her sexy charm to turn him on and make him her human atm. It worked like always.

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