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Lady Ayse faithfully paid her rent and she knew that she could easily get it from her landlord. She did so by teasing him and turning him into a money slave. He was turned on by her and since she was hot and naughty, he could not resist her and that is how she gave him money but she got it back from him and then more. In essence, she was living rent free.

Mistress Harley is on the top of her game in money slavery and she is not about to relinquish her post any time soon. The secret to her success is in never being complacent. She always tries new ways because she wants to keep things fresh always. Today she was trying out a new money slavery technique which she wanted to try later in the day on her new slave.

Mistress Morrigan knew that she was hot and fine. She was not yet married so she did not mind exploiting her sexuality to make some good money for herself. That is why the mistress showed off her big tits and her sexy ass to this guy and turned him into a paypig. He was her unknowing human atm and she had fun milking him financially. But he also benefitted so she did not feel guilty.

Princess Isabella wanted to make this guy stop being a miser. As she tried all she could, she realized that most of it would not work and that is why she chose to use money slavery to do it. The mistress knew that the guy had to lose his money consistently to her and see her spend it recklessly for him to realize that he could spend a little more on himself and his family.

Mistress Lisa admired her senior colleague because he was loaded. She wanted a bit of that money for herself and she knew that the best way to get it was to use her money slavery fetish. Given how hot she is, she knew it would not be a problem especially if she used the teasing and flirting route. So that is what she used and she managed to make him a paypig.

This mistress had a lot of financial goals but she could not meet all of them using her job. She had to get side income and she decided to exploit something she had with her. That was her bubble butt which men loved and adored. She used it to tease guys and to turn them into her money slaves. They could not resist her and she loved it and got the second income she had always wanted.

Mistress Dana knew this money slave had potential. So she invested in him by encouraging him and advising him on his career and his job. She also gave him a listening ear and once in a while gave him jerk off instructions. It was now time to reap and she reaped big time as she got a huge amount of money from him when he got a fat bonus at work.

Mistress Harley was not broke but she needed to increase the balance in her bank account. And there was no better way to do it than to use this money slave. She knew he was loaded and she turned him into a paypig by teasing him with her big assets. The guy loved what he saw from her but he did not know what she had planned for him. She succeeded.

Lady Stefanie needed some money but she did not want to borrow it. She wanted to get it and not have to return it. The best bet was her money slave so she used her charm to hypnotize him and make him think that he had to give her the money for his own good. She had fun doing it and she got the money she wanted from him in the end.

Goddess Nika knew that the quickest way for her to make money from this loser was for her to turn him on. She wanted him to be horny and as such not think properly. So she used her sexy charm and her hot body to tease him and then control him before she turned him into a human wallet. She had fun making some good money from him but did not give him the sex he wanted.

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