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This guy was a notorious eavesdropper and for that, he attracted the ire of these mistresses. Mistress Van Licks led the mistresses in punishing him since he had refused to change his behavior when they confronted him and asked him to stop that nonsense. The mistresses trampled him and turned him into a money slave and he had to pay them for all the times he had eavesdropped on them.

Goddess Nika was resting after she had made some good money from her money slavery fetish. When her friend came to check on her, she flaunted the money she had made and had fun telling her friend how she had managed to make some good money from the guy. It was a lot of fun for her and she made her friend jealous as she did not have a cash slave.

Mistress CatDeluxe needed to humiliate this paypig. She did it because he was broke and she did not want to associate with anyone who was broke. The mistress made sure that the guy learned that it was not ok to be broke and that the next time they spoke or they met, he was not supposed to be broke. The paypig learned his lesson and he made sure he was never broke again.

Lady Anja is used to torturing people for money but today she tortured this money slave for fun. She did not have a need for money at that moment and she felt that the best thing to do at that point was to have fun at his expense. It was fun as she did her thing and managed to humiliate the guy and have a great time as a result.

Mistress Morrigan likes to find out what makes her findom victims tick and for this one, she realized that he had a thing for big tits. Since she had a pair, she used those for her benefit which was to have the guy shower her with cash as he had a tit fetish. The mistress got into his head and she had an easy time making him her human atm.

Goddess Lena did not like how uncooperative this money slave was being and she felt that he needed to be humiliated, and that is what she did to him. He was facesat and he was trampled too. To make it worse, she whipped him while he was naked before she let him go. She did not want such a money slave so after the punishment, she did not want to see him.

Mistress SophieKnight knew that her pay slave was watching her and that is why she had to do some naughty things. She did not undress completely but she masturbated and played with her pussy and her ass knowing he was watching and he would be turned on. She loved the idea of making him hot and bothered. She knew he would not ask her for sex and he would have to jerk off.

When mistress Zephy realized that she had a slave who did not do much of what she asked him, she changed tact and she made things go financial. Whenever he made a mistake, she financially dominated him. And in no time, he was completely broke and that is how he learned to change and follow her instructions. She made him lick her feet and do humiliating things because when he last messed and he did not have money, she had to humiliate him.

This mistress felt that she paid her landlord a lot of money and she wanted a piece of it. She knew he had many tenants and hence made some good money every month. And that is how she chose to tease and flirt with him in an effort to control him and once she had established the control, she used it to dominate him financially and she got a piece of the pie.

Goddess Lena wanted to try things she had not tried in a long time and that is why she chose to use money slave to do it. She had a score to settle with this guy and so she used that chance to punish the guy by turning him into her financial slave. And she used the money she got from him to try the things she had wanted to try.

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