Money Slavery

Hot financial dominatrixes rip you off

Mistress Saida noticed that her friend was always broke and lived from paycheck to paycheck. So she decided to help out and she did so by giving her advice on how she could make more money for herself. This involved her using her feminine qualities to make more money. The mistress schooled her friend in money slavery and her friend learned how she could make some extra money to supplement her income.

Mistress Morrigan knew that she was hot and fine. She was not yet married so she did not mind exploiting her sexuality to make some good money for herself. That is why the mistress showed off her big tits and her sexy ass to this guy and turned him into a paypig. He was her unknowing human atm and she had fun milking him financially. But he also benefitted so she did not feel guilty.

Mistress Morrigan wanted to attend a concert but the tickets were very expensive. She did not want to miss out but she did not want to pay for it herself. So she turned to money slavery and she had fun dominating this guy financially using her big tits. He loved what he saw and that is how the mistress got the tickets and some money to spend at the concert.

Goddess Nika was resting after she had made some good money from her money slavery fetish. When her friend came to check on her, she flaunted the money she had made and had fun telling her friend how she had managed to make some good money from the guy. It was a lot of fun for her and she made her friend jealous as she did not have a cash slave.

Princess Isabella wanted to make this guy stop being a miser. As she tried all she could, she realized that most of it would not work and that is why she chose to use money slavery to do it. The mistress knew that the guy had to lose his money consistently to her and see her spend it recklessly for him to realize that he could spend a little more on himself and his family.

Mistress Hanna and mistress Jane wanted to make a lot of money from this money slave and they did so. They did not care what the guy felt as they deliberately turned him into a human atm. As their human credit card, he had to give them all the money that he could and when he was done, they had a great time counting their money before they banked it.

This guy was too proud for lady Krasaviza. She felt that the only way she was going to tolerate him was to use him as her money slave. The mistress chose to use her sexy feminine touch to turn him into a cash slave and he did not know that that was what she was doing. But she did it and it was very effective. He was one of those she did not explicitly tell that he was a money slave but he was.

Mistress CatDeluxe needed to humiliate this paypig. She did it because he was broke and she did not want to associate with anyone who was broke. The mistress made sure that the guy learned that it was not ok to be broke and that the next time they spoke or they met, he was not supposed to be broke. The paypig learned his lesson and he made sure he was never broke again.

Mistress Lisa admired her senior colleague because he was loaded. She wanted a bit of that money for herself and she knew that the best way to get it was to use her money slavery fetish. Given how hot she is, she knew it would not be a problem especially if she used the teasing and flirting route. So that is what she used and she managed to make him a paypig.

Princess Isabella needed to dominate as well as humiliate this guy and she did it with her money slavery fetish. The mistress did not want to tolerate any broke guy and that is why she did not go easy on him. He had to learn how to make money and to share some of it with her if he wanted to be in her good books. That is why she humiliated him.

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