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Lady Krasaviza wanted her car note paid and she made sure that this horny guy did it. He was trying to catch her attention so that he could fuck her but he got her attention alright and instead of fucking her, he found himself paying her car note. He did not see it coming as she is a pro and she controlled him before making him do what she wanted.

Mistress Dana wanted to dominate her man and she did it with her teasing and denying prowess. She did not let him know that she was pissed or anything. He assumed that everything was ok between them but it was now. He only realized something was amiss when she turned on him and she forced him to shower her with money. She did not care where he got the money from.

Mistress Morrigan knew that she was hot and fine. She was not yet married so she did not mind exploiting her sexuality to make some good money for herself. That is why the mistress showed off her big tits and her sexy ass to this guy and turned him into a paypig. He was her unknowing human atm and she had fun milking him financially. But he also benefitted so she did not feel guilty.

Mistress CatDeluxe needed to humiliate this paypig. She did it because he was broke and she did not want to associate with anyone who was broke. The mistress made sure that the guy learned that it was not ok to be broke and that the next time they spoke or they met, he was not supposed to be broke. The paypig learned his lesson and he made sure he was never broke again.

Mistress Lisa admired her senior colleague because he was loaded. She wanted a bit of that money for herself and she knew that the best way to get it was to use her money slavery fetish. Given how hot she is, she knew it would not be a problem especially if she used the teasing and flirting route. So that is what she used and she managed to make him a paypig.

Lady Stefanie needed some money but she did not want to borrow it. She wanted to get it and not have to return it. The best bet was her money slave so she used her charm to hypnotize him and make him think that he had to give her the money for his own good. She had fun doing it and she got the money she wanted from him in the end.

Lady Rockabella had spent most of her day dominating her money slaves financially. It was a busy day but she had made a lot of money from them. She was tired but she was also happy with how she had performed that day. The mistress wanted to reward herself for all of it so she prepared a soapy bath for herself and she enjoyed soaking herself and playing around for a while.

This guy was a masseuse and he claimed that he could make the mistresses relieve their stress. But he did not do it as he did not have good massage techniques that they wanted. So he ended up getting money for nothing and the mistresses felt that they did not get value for their money. So they cruelly punished him for it and they did it by financially dominating him and not only getting their money back, but also getting more from him.

Mistress Anita wanted to scare this guy financially and she did it just by scaring him. She told him of all the things she wanted him to do for her and they were all humiliating. In addition, the mistress wanted him to know that she would not condone his refusal to do what she wanted. So the mistress forced him to give her money so that she could forgive him.

This money slave tried to run away but mistress Evgenia and mistress Sandra caught him and they had to punish him. They did it painfully by trampling him. In addition, he had to lick the soles of their shoes before the mistresses felt that it was a good punishment and he had learned his lesson. But he still had to pay the mistresses for their troubles before they let him go.

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