Money Slavery

Hot financial dominatrixes rip you off

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Lady Ayse faithfully paid her rent and she knew that she could easily get it from her landlord. She did so by teasing him and turning him into a money slave. He was turned on by her and since she was hot and naughty, he could not resist her and that is how she gave him money but she got it back from him and then more. In essence, she was living rent free.

This guy was horny and he wanted to get satisfied by this mistress. He thought that he could charm his way into her private parts but the mistress had other ideas. She wanted to dominate him financially and she did it easily when she managed to tease and control him. He became her cash slave and human atm before she felt pity for him and let him go home to jerk off.

Lady Ayse wanted to take advantage and dominate this loaded guy financially. She knew he had money and she wanted a piece of it. She created interest in him by teasing him as well as turning him on with her tits and sexy body. As the guy got turned on, the mistress took advantage of that to have fun at his expense while at the same time financially dominating him.

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